If you are also looking for a good white high gloss tv stand, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have selected some TV stands among all white high gloss TV stands which are the best.
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You can trust me completely as we have more than 13 years of experience in TV stand and have taken our TV stand business far and wide. Our business is spread all over the world. so you can trust us completely

4). FITUEYES TV Stand for Max 65 Inch TVs Tall Floor

This white floor TV stand mount is made up of a strong pole, a solid iron base, and shelves. The whole hue gives you the sensation of simplicity and comfort, making it the ideal room decorating.

The left and right hooks to hang your TV are clearly marked on the FITUEYES TV mounting bracket, which has a distinctive modern design with blue and white hooks.

A suitable viewing angle is always guaranteed by the TV mount, which can tilt and swivel a maximum of 30 degrees left or right. A built-in “Safety Lock” guards against your TV falling over as well.

Feel free to modify the height to the proper height for both this slim TV stand and media shelf. Your DVD players, DVRs, HD recorders, Cable TV boxes, AV components, game systems, etc. are compatible with the TV stand with entertainment centre shelf. At the back of the pole, wiring and cables are likewise simple to keep tidy and orderly.

white high gloss tv stand

Specification :

TV Size: 65 Inches

Color: White

Mounting Type: Swivel, Tilt

Movement Type: Swivel, Tilt


Material: Iron

32 inches is the smallest compatible size for devices.
30 degree maximum tilt for televisions

Customer rating


For small space


Value for money




Easy to assemble


white high gloss tv stand

FITUEYES Iron Base Universal Floor TV Stand Swivel